About the Cremona Orchestra Festival

Music Celebrations International in cooperation with the Cremona City Council and Chamber of Commerce welcomes you and your ensemble to perform in the Cremona Orchestra Festival, an exclusive music event that will take place June 28 – July 2, 2022! The Orchestra Festival will be part of the prestigious two-weeks long Cremona Music Festival. Two or more select orchestras will be featured in performance in this historic city which is filled with musical history and craft. All participating orchestras are selected by application process through Music Celebrations.


Known around the world for its tradition of stringed instrument production, Cremona has been a famous music center since the 16th-century and still prides itself for its artisan workshops producing high-quality stringed instruments. Cremona’s finest resident luthier was Antonio Stradivari. It is estimated Stradivari produced over 1,000 instruments, of which only 650 survive today and are still some of the finest in the world.


Highlights of Cremona include the Museo del Violino, a new museum that highlights the origins of the violin, violin construction, and Stradivari’s personal tools and drawings. The Civic Museum houses Italian paintings and artifacts from the middle ages through the 20th-century. One cannot visit Cremona without a visit to the Duomo and Baptistery dating back to the early 12th-century. Milan and Busseto are just a short drive away to experience the grandeur of Italian art and culture and the hometown of famed composer Giuseppe Verdi.

Itinerary & Program Extensions

We realize there is so much to do and see while in Italy. We have some sample extensions that may be of interest to your ensemble with visits to Rome, Venice, Milan, and more cities that can be customized to meet your needs.

Crescendo to Cremona Series

Music Celebrations International is pleased to present the Crescendo to Cremona Series as part of the American Celebration of Music in Italy! Your ensemble will have the opportunity to experience the best of Italy with a finale in Cremona.

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